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About Us

img_0800Greene Resources is a recruiting firm offering a breadth of purposeful talent solutions.  We invest time and energy into locating talented people who care about what they do and will become invaluable assets in their positions. It’s not about filling a job opening.  It’s about finding the one person who will make a lasting impact on their company’s team and culture as well as feel accomplished through their work.

We’re committed to delivering services to our clients that reflect a deep understanding of their goals, their requirements, and their culture. In fact, our clients consider us their sustainable competitive advantage.  Whether it’s recruiting, pricing or simply servicing your needs, our creative and flexible approach is unique and non-traditional.  Our erecruit technology puts you in the driver seat with a dashboard functionality that provides real-time information and transparency to the recruiting process.

Greene Resources is an award-winning company with a fulfilling and fun company culture that values employee happiness and community involvement.

Greene Resources