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Raleigh native, Gary Greene, started Greene Resources in January of 2000.  The drive to start Greene Resources was more of a customer service-driven decision than an entrepreneurial-driven decision.  At the time, while there were over 170 recruiting firms in the market, Gary felt strongly that success would rely on the company’s ability to:

  • Focus on fewer customers
  • View the person in search of a career, the business in need of staffing assistance, and the employees of the company all as equal customers
  • Locate career of choice opportunities for candidates
  • Contribute to the client’s bottom line
  • Make information accessible
  • Consistently show that we care
  • Know how to say ‘yes’
  • Have fun

This vision has led to a growing list of client partners as well as both local and national recognition, including Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Hottest Companies in America.  Today, Greene Resources is still committed to putting people first and exceeding expectations through purposeful talent solutions.  By valuing our people above all else, we make a lasting impact in the careers, businesses and lives of those we serve.


Greene Resources