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The Benefits and Challenges of a Tech-Powered Business

Title "The Benefits & Challenges of a Tech-Powered Business" and pictures of the 4 technology panelists, along with their company logo.

Each month, The Wilmington Business Journal features industry leaders discussing the trends and topics that are affecting businesses across the state. For September, Greene Resources’ VP of Recruiting Solutions, Jason deFreitas, was part of a panel that discussed technology and the increasingly important role it is playing at all levels of organizations. Other panelists included Keith Holden (CEO of ATMC), Dean Exline (Founder and President of DocuVid Global), and Drew Smith (Director of Communications for Copiers Plus).

For many companies, technological advancements lead to increased efficiency. This can be seen in more sophisticated data collection methods, improved customer communication, or even something as simple as automatically routing documents. Organizations of all sizes can take advantage of technology solutions to keep them up-to-date and ahead of competition. Here are three insights from the panel to keep in mind as businesses embrace technology.

1.   Business Models are Changing.


New technology is expanding the capabilities of businesses and pushing them towards offering not just products, but solutions. Customers of every industry are increasingly needing customization from partners who understand their unique needs. Companies should expect to build relationships with technology partners. They can then leverage those solutions to enhance the experience for their own customers.


2.    Technology is Raising the Bar for Job Seekers.

“Having the basic skills for a job just isn’t enough anymore,” says Exline. The needs of both companies and their clients are evolving rapidly as technology advances. It is critical that job seekers have the current skills to meet those needs. That may mean obtaining specific certifications, staying current on trends and new technologies, or strengthening communication skills to be a bridge between technical departments and non-technical customers.


3.   Find the Right Partners.


“It’s important to be thorough with the due diligence process when procuring new technology solutions to ensure that all core business requirements are being met,” explained deFreitas . Even small companies with limited budgets can take advantage of technological efficiencies by picking partners that serve as trusted advisers. This allows them to stay ahead of competition and ultimately provide a better experience for customers. When choosing a partner, companies should do their research and look for partners whose values align with their own.
As technology continues to be a powerful force of change, successful businesses will be the ones who stay ahead of the curve. At Greene Resources, incorporating artificial intelligence and automation solutions, chatbot technology, and candidate engagement technology into our delivery improves efficiencies. This offers non-biased approaches to screening, and enhances the candidate and hiring authority experiences. As the Top Technical Staffing Company in the Triangle, we are ready to be your trusted adviser in finding the right people to make a lasting impact on your business.

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