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Speak Up, Take Action – DEI Conference 2021 Recap

“You can’t ask someone to leave part of their identity at the door.” No matter the door you hold the key to- a house door, an office door, a door to a place of recreation, or a door where people plan to spend their free moments- asking someone to leave part of their identity is asking them to deny a…

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Navigating Gender Identity and Expression in the Hiring Process

It should come as no surprise that navigating the recruiting and hiring process as a member of the LGBTQ+ community can be scary. The following are some tips to help LGBTQ+ job seekers navigate the process professionally, gracefully, and most importantly, authentically. Continue reading

Can I Ask That? Interview Questions to Avoid

An interview is often one of the most important steps in the hiring process. A resume is a great starting point in the hiring process but when it comes to fully understanding a candidate’s skills and experience, the interview is unmatched. Face-to-face, or even over the phone, the candidate has the chance to explain and add context to past experiences.…

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Neurodiversity: Re-thinking the Hiring Process

In any conversation surrounding workplace culture, it seems that the topic of diversity is almost inescapable as of late. Indeed, it has become a buzzword of sorts, inspiring countless articles, info graphics, policies, and discussions. Though diversity of gender, race, education, etc. may be top of mind, the term is now beginning to change shape to embrace a new concept:…

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3 Creative Benefits Tech (and Non-Tech) Talent Want

The unemployment rate for technology professionals in the United States is 1.7%, the lowest unemployment rate within the past decade. As the availability of active job seekers continues to decrease, employers must develop new, creative ways to attract and retain talent. What do employees want? Here are three creative benefits to offer employees that could help your business locate the…

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Championing Women Leaders and Diversity in the Workplace

The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce held their annual Women’s Leadership Conference on May 3, 2018, where Greene Resources was a platinum sponsor. During this event, business leaders and managers from companies across the Triangle gathered to network and learn from local and national experts. The topic for this event was the importance for businesses to champion women and diversity…

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3 Ways to Prepare for Hiring in 2018

Are you anticipating personnel changes in 2018? More likely than not, you will have some unexpected personnel changes or will need to do some hiring in 2018. Your company will need to understand the talent market to ensure you pay competitively, have realistic expectations when looking for new talent, and can locate talent that aligns with your business goals and…

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Recruiting Advice for Startups

For startup companies, the recruiting process is an essential and important step toward a successful business. Startups can fall prey to the idea that recruiting is a process that doesn’t require much energy, especially with the number of ways businesses can post openings online and easily collect resumes. On the other hand, new businesses can be daunted by the idea…

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