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Category Archives: Retention

Your Guide to Personality Tests in Hiring

When hiring today, employers take great care to make sure they find the right person for their open role. They review endless resumes, conduct phone screens and interviews, and may even have candidates take skills assessments. One of the most important things to evaluate in a new hire is their personality fit both with the team and with the role…

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Candidate Engagement

Candidate engagement has become somewhat of a buzzword in the staffing industry as of late. Organizations may know they need it but are unclear on exactly why or how to achieve it. Engagement may be more familiar to companies as it relates to employees, but keeping candidates engaged is just as important. A good experience throughout the hiring process is…

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3 Creative Benefits Tech (and Non-Tech) Talent Want

The unemployment rate for technology professionals in the United States is 1.7%, the lowest unemployment rate within the past decade. As the availability of active job seekers continues to decrease, employers must develop new, creative ways to attract and retain talent. What do employees want? Here are three creative benefits to offer employees that could help your business locate the…

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Championing Women Leaders and Diversity in the Workplace

The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce held their annual Women’s Leadership Conference on May 3, 2018, where Greene Resources was a platinum sponsor. During this event, business leaders and managers from companies across the Triangle gathered to network and learn from local and national experts. The topic for this event was the importance for businesses to champion women and diversity…

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3 Ways to Prepare for Hiring in 2018

Are you anticipating personnel changes in 2018? More likely than not, you will have some unexpected personnel changes or will need to do some hiring in 2018. Your company will need to understand the talent market to ensure you pay competitively, have realistic expectations when looking for new talent, and can locate talent that aligns with your business goals and…

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Before the Interview: 4 Things Hiring Managers Should Consider

The best way to achieve success within your organization is to hire great people.  Finding people who will be engaged in the work they do for your company will enable your company to grow.  To find talent that will enable your team to succeed, it’s important to first assess the new opening on your team and make smart, organized, and…

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During the Interview: 3 Things Hiring Managers Should Consider

Recruiting and hiring is just as much about selling your company to a candidate as it is candidates selling themselves.  The time you have during your interview with a job candidate is precious. These conversations will be a huge component in whether or not you choose to hire this individual. Before your next interview with a potential new hire, ensure…

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Making an Offer: 5 Things Hiring Managers Should Consider

When your company has an opening, it can be difficult to search for new employees while trying to focus on your core responsibilities and tasks.  It can also be painful to make an offer to a candidate that you love, only to have them reject the offer.   When prospective employees are considering new opportunities, they are looking at more…

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3 Ways to Prepare for a Productive Summer

As the summer months approach, employee minds often wander to upcoming beach trips, vacation days, and relaxation. To help your team enjoy the summertime while ensuring company goals and objectives are met, keep these strategies and best practices in mind as ways to prepare for a productive summer. Set expectations early and communicate often Is summertime a slow time for…

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Greene Resources Recognized for Innovative and Effective Workplace Practices

Greene Resources Recognized for Innovative and Effective Workplace Practices Receives prestigious When Work Works Award Greene Resources has been honored with a 2017 When Work Works Award for exemplary and effective workplace practices. About When Work Works The prestigious When Work Works Award is part of the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM’s) When Work Works project. This national initiative helps employers…

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