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Employee Engagement: Your Quick Start Guide

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As the saying goes, an engaged employee is a happy employee. Countless research has been done on the importance of prioritizing engagement – engaged employees are 21% more productive than less engaged coworkers and deliver a better experience for your customers. Engaged teams experience 59% less turnover and a 41% reduction in absenteeism. These all translate to the overall health of your business.

Given its importance, it’s no wonder that 71% of managers feel that employee engagement is one of the most important factors in overall organizational success. Here are some best practices you can put in to play to encourage an engaged workforce.

Make them feel welcome from the start

This goes beyond simple onboarding and training. On their first day, make sure their desk is set up and give them company swag if you have it. Have team members or their manager take them out to lunch. Give them a tour of the office and introduce them to coworkers. At Greene, our new hires walk the Greene Carpet their first week as we celebrate their addition to the team.

Offer Professional Development Opportunities

As technology changes and new generations enter the workforce, offer your employees the chance to take classes to further develop their skills. Allow employees to attend conferences and seminars that enhance their personal and professional development. You may even invest in upskilling your workforce for a new technology you plan to adopt. Greene Resources encourages professional development through industry certifications and membership in local groups such as the Young Professionals Network.

Reward and celebrate employees and their work

Rewarding performance may seem an obvious way to boost engagement, and it should not be overlooked. Sincerely recognizing a job well done, whether through a verbal compliment or a physical reward like a gift card or lunch, can go a long way with employees. Make sure you are also celebrating the employee as a person as well. Greene comes together as a team to recognize things such as anniversaries with the company, wedding and baby showers, or achieving personal goals like running a marathon.

Stay continuously open to feedback

As with any business objective, there is an element of constant refinement. Once engagement policies are implemented, monitor them and solicit feedback on a regular basis. This can be done through anonymously through “comment boxes” or via managers during regular meetings with their team members. Of course, these can be informal as well with managers having an open-door policy for employees. Every few years, host a larger opportunity for feedback such as a focus group.

Want more ideas for an engaged workforce? Talk with us!

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