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Read and Feed: Greene Gives Back Philanthropy Spotlight

The Greene Gives Back program supports two different non-profit organizations every year. Each organization makes a local impact on our community and is nominated and chosen by our internal team.  Throughout the year, Greene Resources works with these organizations to give back and learn more about the needs of our community.

One of the nonprofits Greene Resources chose to sponsor in 2017 is Read and Feed.  Read and Feed’s mission is “to give low-income elementary school children an appetite for reading.” This is done “by strengthening literacy skills and providing encouragement in a nurturing, neighborhood environment.  Using mobile classrooms, they provide meals to eliminate hunger, mentors to help children read, and books to build home libraries.”

read and feed

Read and Feed’s Impact

Read and Feed serves more than 650 students per year with over 400 active volunteers. These volunteers tutor the students, drive mobile classrooms, deliver food and supplies, sort and distribute the 33,000+ books given to children annually, and provide crucial administrative services.

Wake County teachers who have students participating in Read and Feed’s program have shared overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding Read and Feed’s impact. These teachers stated that most or all of the students in the program have improved their reading attitude, confidence, and reading level during the school year due to Read and Feed’s influence.  For students who may not have the support or means at home to excel in reading, Read and Feed helps kids get excited about reading while receiving a hot meal and mentoring.

read and feed - greene resources team The Greene Team helping Read and Feed sort through donated books for children in the program to receive in order to build their personal libraries.

How You Can Help Read and Feed

Read and Feed offers many ways to get involved.  Over the past year, Greene Resources has volunteered at their warehouse by sorting and organizing books for children’s personal libraries.  Our team will also be volunteering at their annual fundraiser, the Read and Feed Rock ‘n’ Roast, taking place this Friday, November 3.  Our employees have volunteered as board members, tutors in mobile classrooms, and meal-preparers for tutoring sessions.  Whatever your skill set, there are lots of ways you can get involved!

For more information about Read and Feed’s upcoming fundraiser, click here.

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