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3 Ways to Prepare for Hiring in 2018

prepare for hiring

Are you anticipating personnel changes in 2018? More likely than not, you will have some unexpected personnel changes or will need to do some hiring in 2018. Your company will need to understand the talent market to ensure you pay competitively, have realistic expectations when looking for new talent, and can locate talent that aligns with your business goals and objectives. Before celebrating the new year, make sure you have reviewed the following items:

hiring in 2018 - salaryEnsure Your Compensation Strategies are in Line with the Market.

When was the last time you looked at the average market value of the positions on your team? If you do not have up to date data on your team’s positions, consider asking us to run a workforce data report (for free!). These reports provide tangible data to help ensure your team’s salaries are realistic with your budgetary constraints, but also in line with the market.

hiring in 2018 - team goalsTalk to Your Team about Upcoming Goals.

According to analytics from LinkedIn, more people change jobs in the month of January than any other time during the year. If you’re hoping to prevent turnover or improve retention, have a “year in review” debrief after the holidays. In these debriefs, you can discuss personal and team goals, past accomplishments, areas for improvement, and where your company anticipates going in the coming year. Employees who understand their value and see a future at your business are more likely to be dedicated employees who are engaged in their work.

prioritize hiring in 2018Prioritize the Hiring Process.

The hiring process takes time and if rushed can result in an unsatisfactory hire. Make sure to prioritize interviews with potential new hires and take the time to follow up appropriately with candidates. If the process takes longer than you may think, Greene Resources can provide contract support staff during unexpected personnel shifts or company growth, helping your company stay on target while ensuring you find the right person for a new role.

No matter how prepared you try to be for hiring in 2018, unexpected personnel changes will occur.  Having a trusted partner who can help you navigate these changes and provide resources, guidance, and advice can help prevent additional anxiety or stress and can help you make the right decision.  Greene Resources has spent the past 18 years providing guidance to local businesses in all types of unexpected circumstances.  If you find yourself facing an unexpected situation in your company and need talent, advice, or a plan, please let us know.

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