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Returning to the Workplace – Gallagher’s Employer’s Guide

returning to the workplace employers guide Gallagher insurance risk management consulting

This is a guest post by Gallagher, a global insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting services firm and Greene Resources’ health and welfare benefits consultant. To learn more about Gallagher and the HR and benefits guidance they provide, visit ajg.com/hr-benefits-southeast.

These are unprecedented times — our communities, families, employees and organizations as a whole have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As you consider reopening your facilities, a better understanding of your situation and risks will help you face your future with confidence. The decision to return to the workplace is complex and encompasses a variety of key aspects, including considerations of who, when and how because of the need to ensure a safe, clean and secure workplace for all.

Gallagher has produced a Return to Workplace Guide so that no matter where you are on your journey to manage your organization’s return to the workplace, this guide can provide resources to support your people, your property and your profits.

Gallagher has been working to create a framework, laid out in a five-step process, to assist you in the planning and execution process.  Your workers have undergone tremendous changes and will likely not return the same as when they left the workplace. Therefore, we want you to be prepared with a holistic approach that considers the organization’s total needs–people, property and profits. 

Returning to the workplace - The 5 step framework for reopening safely

Successfully returning employees to the workplace will be a slow process but, with careful preparation, flexibility, realistic expectations and a focus on clear and honest communication, it is achievable. Download and read Gallagher’s Return to Workplace Guide.

With guidance from the guide, Gallagher’s insurance, risk management, and consulting professionals held a webinar discussion on how employers can confidently approach returning to the workplace. Listen to the on-demand webinar.

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