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Employee Spotlight: Karah

Employee Spotlight Karah Lizotte

This week we are highlighting one of our team members, Karah. Karah is a senior search consultant on Greene’s Professional Solutions Team. We asked Karah about her role with the company, her favorite things about her job and the biggest piece of advice she could give to candidates searching for jobs.

What is your role as a Greene recruiter?

As a Greene recruiter, I’m responsible for connecting people with their next great career move! I like to think of it like completing a puzzle; my goal is to make sure the candidate is a match for the client’s needs, but I also want to make sure the client is going to be a match for what the candidate needs. Most of my time as a recruiter consists of either searching for candidates on various job platforms, or interviewing candidates for positions. I also meet with hiring managers to learn about the positions I fill and, my favorite part, get to extend job offers to my candidates! 

What is the first thing you notice on a resume?

The first thing I notice, besides aesthetics, is how long a resume is. This is a big point of debate right now. Do you keep your resume to one page, or go over to get all the necessary information on there? There is no right answer; or rather, the answer is somewhere in between. The key is to list the highlights of each employment, showcase your transferrable skills, and give the reader a bird’s eye view of the scope of your role. Do NOT list every single duty you performed in each job. Most likely, a recruiter is not reading your resume if it’s too long. 

What is your favorite interview question?

My favorite interview question is to take a skill that is vital to the position I’m filling and ask a candidate what that skill or trait means to them. For example, if I’m filling a sales role, I would ask a candidate what “hustle” means to them and see how they reply. I think one of the best answers I’ve received is one that taught me a new tip/trick about recruiting. I asked a candidate about how he creatively sources for technology positions and he said he sometimes scrolls to the comment section on YouTube videos and starts a conversation with web developers that tend to post there. Brilliant! It made me think of ways I can source outside of the box to help my own job. 

What is the biggest piece of advice you would give to someone looking for a job?

The biggest advice I would give someone looking for a job is, when in doubt, interview! I think some people are afraid to interview if they’re not 100% sure they want a position. The more you interview, the better you become at it. Also, posted job descriptions sometimes don’t paint the whole picture of what a position will be like, so get on the phone with a recruiter or hiring manager and discuss. You never know, you could find your dream job! 

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