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Victory at Virtual Career Fairs

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Career Fairs are a staple for those seeking employment. Rarely do job seekers have the opportunity to meet and engage with multiple companies that are hiring all in one place. The valuable face time with recruiters that career fairs provide can help applicants stand out among a stack of resumes.

Employers benefit as well from meeting a large number of candidates. Recruiters that attend a career fair can promote their open positions and collect resumes from qualified candidates to expedite the hiring process.

As with almost all aspects of the hiring process, career fairs have adapted to new technology. Virtual career fairs are now becoming common for employers to connect with qualified candidates across the country without the large time and money expenditure that traditional career fairs often require. Though they may sound intimidating, virtual career fairs are very similar in the preparation they require to be successful. With some thoughtful planning and our tips, you can ace your virtual job hunt!

Do your research

Before logging in to the virtual fair, do your research and know what companies are attending and with which ones you want to speak. Research their open positions, their mission and culture, their deliveries and strategic direction, their community involvement, and have questions ready for the recruiters. Make sure your resume is edited and ready to share when prompted. Even virtually, coming prepared makes a great impression!

Wear a professional outfit

Though you may not be meeting recruiters face-to-face, there is still the possibility for visual communication through video. If a recruiter wants to conduct a video interview with you, you should be appropriately dressed in business or business casual attire. Even if you wear sweatpants from the waist down, wear a button down and a jacket for the camera. (Be careful, though; they may ask you to stand up!)

Perfect your pitch

Communication in a virtual job fair is even more critical than at traditional career fairs since much of your interaction with recruiters will be typed. Take time before the career fair to type out your pitch and adapt it for virtual use. Make sure it is clear and concise, and contains the position you desire, reasons you are a good fit, and your relevant experience. Aim for a few short sentences instead of long paragraphs that are time consuming to read.

Communicate Professionally

Once you have made your initial “pitch” and initiated communication with the recruiter, do not let professionalism fall by the wayside. All messages you send should use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You may be typing, but do not use text slang or emojis. Take the time to proofread your messages before you hit send.

As remote work becomes more popular and companies take advantage of technological capabilities, virtual career fairs are growing in frequency. If you’re job searching either, in-person or virtually, check out our current job openings or contact us for more tips on how to navigate career fairs.

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