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Linda Alvarado Presents Ways to Break the Mold

Linda AlvaradoLinda Alvarado may be best known for being the first Latino owner of a Major League Baseball Franchise, The Colorado Rockies. Her ownership role is also significant as it marked the first time that any woman was involved in a bid for ownership of a major league baseball team.  Linda Alvarado was the featured speaker of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s Professional Women’s Luncheon on Friday, November 19. 

Greene Resources has the pleasure of being the presenting sponsor of the Professional Women’s Luncheon. Our team was excited to learn from Linda Alvarado and hear her key insights on how to achieve goals while simultaneously opening doors for others to succeed.  Our team learned a lot at the Professional Women’s Luncheon and were eager to share key takeaways, which include:

Do Not Let Conventionality Confine You

Many times, the advice we are given by those who love us is advice that protects us from taking risks or making mistakes.  Your loved ones, manager, or coworkers may have preconceived notions about your career goals, skills, or abilities.  It is easy to follow the career path already laid before your feet, but do not be afraid to define yourself differently from how others have already defined you.

Attitude vs. Aptitude

When pursuing a goal that is new or challenging, obstacles will inevitably appear.  If you have an attitude that projects confidence and determination, you can use that attitude to achieve success, even if you do not have every skill you may need at the moment you need them.  In the same way, if you are highly skilled, but do not raise your hand and ask for opportunities, you will struggle to get where you want to go.  You must convince yourself of your value, skills, and abilities before you can convince anyone else.

Conquer Your Fear and Make Mistakes

The biggest mistake you can make is refusing to take the risk of making a mistake.  Get involved with organizations that share your passions, meet people who you admire, and do not be afraid to ask questions and try new things.  As Linda Alvarado says, “Get in the game and take some risks.  You’re never going to get to second base if your foot is stuck on first.”

At Greene Resources, building partnerships that result in mutual success is a critical component of what we do.  Our vision is to connect people and companies so that a job candidate can become a valued team member and a job can become a purposeful, impactful, and long-term career.  We are grateful to Linda Alvarado for sharing her journey with us and are grateful to the Chamber for hosting such phenomenal opportunities to learn and develop.

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