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Making An Impact

Greene Resources had the wonderful opportunity to not only sponsor the Chamber’s December C-Suite Perspectives breakfast but also to hear from our own president and founder, Gary Greene.  Gary provided us with insight on how leaders (or anyone!) can truly make an impact in the lives of those around them.  He also demonstrated how practicing these habits will change the way we communicate, establish relationships, and do business.

To make an impact, you must do five things:

  1. Show You Care
    Success comes down to individual moments with individual people and ensuring the people in your life know that they matter. As part of the Greene Team, I can personally say that our Leadership Team works hard to show they care about the individuals on our team every day. At Greene, there are a variety of traditions that our team participates in to help spotlight the impact made by each individual on the team.  When you first start working at Greene, you walk the “Greene Carpet” through a tunnel of high-fiving coworkers.  On your three-year anniversary, you’re presented a custom written children’s book celebrating you and looking back at your first three years at Greene.  By showing employees that they are valued, the team who works at Greene Resources is more engaged and committed to the company’s mission, leadership, and each other.
  1. Change Your Point of View
    Gary recommended never approaching a conversation assuming the other person is interested in what you want to say.  Whether you work in sales, management, or another field, you will have greater success with effective communication if you approach a conversation from the perspective of the other person.  What are their fears? What drives their decisions?  How can you help them?  Changing your point of view will affect everything that you do and make you more committed to the success of others than your own. 
  1. Be Present
    Being accessible and engaged is perhaps the hardest part of being a leader.  There are always multitudes of tasks to complete and people vying for your attention or needing you to make a decision.  Nevertheless, when you show up to a meeting, take a phone call, or are responding to an e-mail, providing your full attention and being present with others will make all the difference, because “people will forget about what you said, people will forget about what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
  1. Create Memorable Moments
    Find a way to be different, not only in the way you do business, but also in the way you develop relationships.  At Greene, our team is always encouraged to change our interactions and business practices from being programmed, general, and traditional to instead becoming more spontaneous, individual, specific, and unique.  By taking the time to get to know your coworkers, customers, and employees, you can create a more memorable and positive experience.
  1. Find and Follow Your Passion
    Gary did not start Greene Resources because of an entrepreneurial drive, but because of ­­a desire to provide a better customer experience than what was currently present in the market.  Greene Resources was founded on the idea that you must love what you do every day (or at least most days) and you must love the people you are serving.  When you are passionate about what you do, and you surround yourself with people who share that passion, anything is possible.

It’s been almost seventeen years since Gary started Greene Resources, and the foundation of our business is still the same.  Greene Resources is committed to putting people first and exceeding expectations through purposeful talent solutions.  By valuing people above all else, we make a lasting impact in the careers, businesses, and lives of those we serve.

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