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Teamwork Amidst Conflict

When Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple, he used to tell a story about himself as a child.  As a young boy, Steve Jobs befriended an elderly man who lived down the road.  One day, Steve Jobs’ neighbor invited Jobs into his garage to help him with a project.

The elderly man pulled out an old rock tumbler that consisted of a motor and a coffee can with a little band between them.  They then walked to the man’s backyard and collected some rocks. They put the rocks in a can with a little bit of liquid and some grit powder, then closed the can and turned on the motor. The neighbor told Jobs to come back tomorrow and they would look inside.  As Jobs left the garage, he remembered hearing the banging and noise of the stones as they went around in the can.

When Jobs returned the next day, they opened the can and looked at the rocks.  When the stones went into the can, they were ordinary and indistinguishable from other rocks in the backyard.  After going into the rock tumbler, however, they were shiny, beautiful, and well-polished. The same stones that went into the coffee can, came out as beautiful and polished rocks, simply by rubbing against each other and creating a little bit of friction and noise.

The presidential inauguration was last week and the success of our region, state, and country have a lot to do with those stones and that rock tumbler.  As we’ve seen, often when individuals and groups with different opinions bump up against each other, there tends to be some noise and some friction. The beauty of democracy is that we can have differences of opinion, but in the end these different ideas begin to polish one another to create something beautiful. It takes incredibly talented people who are passionate and who will work hard towards something they think is right to do what is best for the region, state, and country.

Businesses are the same way.  They are made up of diverse groups of individuals and teams – incredibly talented people who are passionate, working hard, and oftentimes bumping up against each other and making noise.  Together, these individuals and their ideas begin to polish one another and in the process, create beautifully polished results.

At Greene Resources, our goal is to help you add diversity of talent to your team. Our vision is to connect people and companies in such a way that jobs become purposeful, impactful, and long-term careers.  To us, it’s not about filling a job opening.  It’s about finding the one person who will make a lasting impact on your company’s team and culture as well as feel accomplished through their work. We would love the opportunity to help you locate the individuals who can help you and your company create something beautiful.

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