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Job Seekers: Think Like A Basketball Player

March Madness and Job SeekersAfter a challenging and exciting season, the UNC Tar Heels clinched the victory during last night’s March Madness Championship and Tar Heel fans across the country are showing their excitement today by sporting their Carolina blue. In our Greene Resources office this morning, more than a few conversations turned into discussions of the highlights (or lowlights) of last night’s game.  March Madness is one of our favorite times of the year at Greene; we kick off the tournament with a potluck-style barbecue, broadcast the first few games in our breakroom, and have a fiercely competitive company-wide bracket challenge (congratulations to our COO, Cherié, on this year’s win!).  

This month of constant basketball has taught us a lot about the game, but basketball also serves as a powerful metaphor for the job seeker’s experience.

  • There Will Be Upsets. This season began with several upsets right off the bat, whether it was 1-seed Villanova losing to 8-seed Wisconsin, or 2-seeds Duke and Louisville losing early on to 7-seeds South Carolina and Michigan. Upsets happen and small or minor decisions can lead to unexpected results, for better or worse.  As job seekers, it is important to learn from mistakes, brush yourself off and try again. 
  • It’s Not Over ‘Till It’s Over. In basketball, you learn to never count out a team until the buzzer has sounded – the same goes for your job search.  You may be applying for a position that seems out of your reach or maybe you feel like you bombed an answer to an interview question, but it is important to continue with 100% effort and determination until the end of the process. Make sure to consistently make a strong impression through things like your resume, a thank you note and follow up.
  • Sportsmanship.  We have all watched that player who gets angry after a foul is called, but just like in a career search, a bad reaction leaves a lasting negative impression.  Rejections from positions will happen, but it doesn’t mean the door is fully closed.  Your network should always be growing and developing.  You never know who from that company you may meet or connect with in the future, so it’s important to never burn bridges, but instead be professional and polished in all of your interactions, even if you feel like you got the raw end of the deal.
  • Be prepared, mentally and physically. When a player is physically in the game, but not truly there mentally, you can tell.  Similarly, a successful job search requires both mental and physical engagement.  Mentally, understand the type of position for which you are applying and your strengths and weaknesses for that type of position, along with how you can bring success to the company. In the same way, you must also prepare for the physical requirement of the job search. Understand how time-consuming and exhausting the search can be and prepare accordingly. Appropriate preparation will ease the difficulty of your job search.

If you’re a job seeker who is searching for your next career move, we’d love to offer some resources to help you on your way.  Our Job Seeker Resource Center offers helpful tools including resume guides, interview tips and best practices, and assessments which showcase your talents and abilities and how to use them to land a fulfilling career.  When you’re ready to step onto the court and begin your career search, look at our current open positions and apply for what could be your next slam dunk career!

Building Relationships & Leadership Lessons at WilmingtonBiz Conference & Expo

Each year, Greene Resources attends the Greater Wilmington Business Journal Conference and Expo.  This year’s BizExpo featured nearly 150 different local Wilmington businesses and a dozen seminars on different topics, ranging from marketing advice to leadership and communication tips. 

The keynote speaker was John Gizdic, the new CEO of New Hanover Regional Medical Center, which has over 17,000 jobs directly or indirectly related to its business, making it Wilmington’s largest employer.

John Gizdic provided helpful insight as a healthcare administration expert regarding not only healthcare policy and practice, but also on leadership and what it takes to run an effective organization.

  • Business in Wilmington: It’s a good time to do business in Wilmington, NC. Wilmington’s population growth is higher than the state average of North Carolina, which is even higher than the national average.
  • Smooth Transitions: Gizdic took over the role of CEO after Jack Barto, who served as CEO since 2004. Gizdic said that the most important component in the transition was ensuring the culture of the business itself remained the same.  The transition of a role isn’t about the individuals, but the organization.
  • Healthcare: Gizdic acknowledged both the benefits and problems created by the Affordable Care Act. He discussed how after the ACA took effect, the number of individuals who received preventative care and went to the doctor increased significantly and the number of charitable cases conducted by the hospital dropped. However, this also created a rise in cases of individuals who went into debt to treat their care due to having high deductibles, among other concerns. Gizdic believes that the root of the issue is finding a way to fix the economy of healthcare, referring to a statistic stating that if the U.S. healthcare industry were its own economy, it would rank 3rd worldwide, second only to China and the U.S.  Repairing healthcare will be a long, difficult process, and it will be important for individuals to find a way to work together to fix those issues in a bipartisan way so that people are able to get the treatment they need.
  • Effective Leadership: Gizdic stated that the most undervalued characteristics in leadership are vulnerability and practicing open communication. These attributes allow you to be human and connect with people, and connecting with people is critical to building trust and momentum. Working in healthcare means people are coming to you at their most vulnerable state; it’s important to be vulnerable with them as well to have a relationship built on trust.

Our Greene team always appreciates the opportunity to attend the Wilmington Biz Expo as it provides an informal and fun atmosphere to meet new members of the community and reconnect and continue to build existing relationships.  This event brings the whole business community of Wilmington together to learn how to support each other’s businesses, which benefits everyone. 

Though exhibiting businesses ranged across all industries and themes and handouts ranged from Magic 8 balls and T-shirts to pickles and ping pong, the heart of the event was having genuine conversations with other professionals.  By making connections with others in a fun and informal environment, you may uncover connections or prospects that you would never have discovered otherwise.

Greene Resources’ Wilmington division is committed to exceptional recruiting services for companies in the Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Leland, Castle Hayne, Kure Beach and Brunswick County areas of South Eastern North Carolina.  We proactively recruit candidates in numerous fields to connect them with companies in such a way that jobs become purposeful, impactful and long-term careers.  We are proud to be part of this community and enjoy attending this event each year.

Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Women’s Leadership Conference

Greene Resources had the opportunity to be one of the Platinum Sponsors of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s Women’s Leadership Conference on March 23, 2017. The Women’s Leadership Conference is an annual half-day event where women leaders across the Triangle gather to network and learn from other female leaders. Topics included how to build the next level of leaders, how to gain strategies for influence and negotiation, how to break down biases, and how to gain insight on risk-taking.

Featured panelists included Adrienne Cole (President of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce), Sara Glines (President and Publisher of The News & Observer Publishing Company), Barri Rafferty (President of Ketchum Worldwide), Amber Rupinta (Reporter and Anchor for ABC-11 Eyewitness News). The keynote speaker was Reshma Saujani, who discussed her non-profit organization, Girls Who Code, which works to close the gender gap in technology and prepare young women for jobs of the future.

At Greene Resources, over 50 percent of management positions in our company are held by women, several of whom attended this event. We asked them to share what they learned from the various discussions and topics and how they will implement this into their work at Greene Resources.

  • Overcoming Weaknesses: One of the panelists said, “You’re allowed to not be great at everything. Acknowledge your weaknesses, but find people around you who can support you and complement your abilities and weaknesses.” As someone who strives to be perfect at everything, it was comforting to know that it’s okay to struggle sometimes and that I don’t have to do it alone.
  • Recognizing Bias: It was interesting to learn how we all have biases and that they can impact how we view everyday life and our jobs. It is important to recognize bias, even subconscious or unintentional bias, so it can be addressed, rather than overlooked or ignored.
  • Being Trustworthy: Something one of the speakers said that I really loved was, “It’s more important to be trusted than liked.” This resonated with me because I strive to build meaningful and trusted relationships every day, but I also want to be liked and accepted. If you want people to respect you as a knowledgeable contributor, sometimes you must provide an answer that isn’t liked but is the right decision in the end.
  • Serving Others First: During a breakout session, one of the speakers shared, “We are defined as much by our small acts of kindness as we are by our great successes.” This is so important to remember, especially in our industry. The way we interact with our employees means so much and the smallest act, whether it’s providing resources to assist with personal needs or discussing an accommodation, can make such a large impact on them and their relationships with us.
  • Fighting Insecurity: Stop apologizing. Stop saying things like, “this might not be a good idea, but…” If you set yourself up by saying your ideas are not good, people might believe it. Have confidence and don’t give in to self-doubt.
  • Delegating Builds Your Team: You are doing a disservice to those who report to you if you don’t delegate. You should be peeling off duties from your job description and adding them to your team. This gives them an opportunity to build their skills, develop themselves as leaders, and it also helps you focus on more strategic business needs.

At Greene Resources, our vision is to connect people and companies in such a way that jobs become purposeful, impactful, and long-term careers. We are proud to sponsor events like the Women’s Leadership Conference which provide professional development to the business community of Raleigh.

If you are interested in learning more about the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce or are interested in attending events like this, please check out the Raleigh Chamber’s website. Greene Resources will be presenting sponsors for the Chamber’s upcoming Professional Women’s Luncheon on April 24, featuring the founder and CEO of The Muse, Kathryn Minshew, who will discuss The New Rules of Work.

Lessons from Arnold Palmer – Practice Mental Toughness

If you think you are beaten, you are,
If you think you dare not, you don’t.
If you like to win, but you think you can’t,
It is almost certain you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’re lost,
For out in the world we find,
Success begins with a fellow’s will.
It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are,
You’ve got to think high to rise,
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man.
But sooner or later the one who wins,
Is the one who thinks they can.

Harvey Mackay once shared a story in his article, “Your Mind Is What Really Matters” about seeing part of this poem by C.W. Longenecker hanging in the late Arnold Palmer’s office.  It is a poem about mental toughness.  Arnold Palmer once shared a quote from his father, “Remember, whatever game you play, 90 percent of success is from the shoulders up.”

Dr. Rob Bell, a certified sports psychology consultant and the author of the book: Mental Toughness Training for Golf, shares that “all of us are preparing for the one moment, one event, one play, or even one person that will make all the difference in our lives. Mental toughness connects who we are with who we become. Since we can’t predict the future, mental toughness is being prepared for the unpredictable.”

Dr. Bell shares his own story of meeting Arnold Palmer on Celebrity Pro-Am Day of the Wells Fargo Championship one year at Quail Hollow.  They were both on the practice green and Dr. Bell walked by Palmer, said “hello,” and Palmer nodded.

Only after Palmer went to the first tee did Dr. Bell realize his mistake. He never shook his hand! It was likely his only opportunity to ever shake the hand of the golfing great and he missed it. He was not ready, and the moment slipped away.

In business, being prepared for the unpredictable creates greater success.  Mental toughness ensures we are taking advantage of those everyday moments.  Only then can we be ready for any opportunity that arises.

At Greene Resources, we do not want to miss the opportunity to shake your hand in hopes of becoming your recruiting partner and helping YOU be prepared for the unpredictable.  Our vision is to connect people and companies in such a way that jobs become purposeful, impactful, and long-term careers. It’s not about filling a job opening.  It’s about finding the one person, that one mentally tough person, who will make a lasting impact on your company’s team and culture as well as feel accomplished through their work.

We want to make a difference in your company, and we think we can.

Greene Gives Back Philanthropy Spotlight: Marbles Kids Museum

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?  We asked some of the Greene team this question and the answers ranged from “police officer” or “lawyer” to “horse trainer,” “veterinarian,” or “teacher.” 

Over the weekend, the Greene team helped over 2,500 kids explore future careers during the Marbles Kids Museum Future Me Kids Career Fair.  Nearly 100 businesses from across the Triangle set up booths with interactive activities for visitors to “test drive” their future.  Future veterinarians could look at real-life x-rays of different animals and “examine” stuffed animals with Banfield Pet Hospital.  Kids interested in engineering could create their own rocket straw with ABB.  Future Leslie Knopes could plan for their own city park with the Wake County Parks and Recreation department.  ABC-11 brought their own green screen so kids could give the news and weather report.

Greene Resources has sponsored every Marbles Future Me Kids Career Fair since the event started four years ago.  Our team loves to bring our families and friends and explore the different booths and facilitate different activities for the kids.  More importantly, volunteering at the Marbles Future Me Kids Career Fair works hand in hand with our company purpose to improve our community by helping job seekers become invaluable team members and turning jobs into life-fulfilling careers.  Our passion for people goes beyond our industry and the specialized talent solutions we provide to our clients and customers.  When companies and individuals partner with Greene Resources, they become part of an organization motivated by creating positive change in our community.

Marbles Kids Museum’s “play-losophy” states that play “contributes to intellectual growth, social and emotional well-being, and physical development” and “helps develop 21st-century workers who are able to solve problems, apply ideas, create, innovate, communicate, and connect with others.”  We are proud to partner with Marbles for the Future Me Kids Career Fair and educate local kids about the many different ways they can contribute to their community in the future as working adults while inspiring them to learn and grow today.

Steve Daniels with WTVD ABC-11 broadcasted live from the pop-up ABC-11 studio and showed off some of the other activities going on at the Kids Career Fair. Check it out!

Federal Regulation Changes for Employers to Expect

We were privileged to attend The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s Talent Strategies Workshop on Tuesday, February 7, 2017. This workshop provided an overview of the federal employment regulation changes that employers can expect with the new administration. Topics ranged from updates from the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Department of Labor to how appointments to key positions in federal agencies could impact employers.

The Talent Strategies Workshop was led by Travis Hockaday, a partner at Smith Anderson Law Firm, who specializes in employment-related counseling and risk management advising for clients in a variety of industries. Per Attorney Hockaday, here are some of the changes to expect regarding employment law and regulations.

Key Cases to Watch Within the Justice System Regarding Employment Law:

  • The Supreme Court is currently reviewing decisions to modify the amount of information the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) can subpoena during an investigation and determine the proper standard of review applied to a district court decision involving an EEOC subpoena.
  • An issue that has yet to be resolved within the Justice System is determining whether Title VII also applies to sexual orientation.

Changes to Watch Within the Department of Labor:

  • The Obama Administration issued a change to the salary threshold for salary exempt employees, increasing the salary threshold from $23,660/year to over $47,000/year. This change was put on hold in November of 2016 and is unlikely to move forward, at least in its current state, due to the new administration. That said, there is a chance that it may come into play with a cost of living adjustment, raising the salary threshold to around $32-33,000/year.
  • The minimum wage increase that the Obama administration proposed, raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, is unlikely to take effect.

Changes to Watch Within the EEOC and National Labor Regulations Board:

  • Unless the new administration issues a change towards this decision, the EEOC is on track to begin receiving employee pay data, in addition to race and gender information, during 2018 EEO-1 reporting.
  • Both the National Labor Regulations Board (NLRB) and EEOC are expected to take a more “hands-off” approach towards employers with the new administration, with less litigation and decisions regarding employer policy.

Other Changes To Expect

  • An executive order signed by Obama that protects federal contractors from sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination will be upheld by the Trump administration. Additional executive orders regarding federal contractors that may be under review with the new administration include providing paid sick leave to federal contractors and requiring prospective federal contractors to disclose labor law violations and give agencies guidance on how to consider labor violations when awarding federal contracts.
  • We may see more regulation implemented by the new administration in the following areas:
    • Providing six weeks of paid parental leave, funded through the Unemployment Insurance System
    • Mandatory paid sick leave
    • Closing the pay gap between men and women through fair pay regulations
    • Increased incentives for employers to provide childcare options at work
  • President Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday, January 25th that prohibited nationals from seven countries (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen) from entering the United States for a certain period. Two days later, the executive order, which also placed a temporary ban on all refugee admissions into the US, was blocked by a federal judge in the state of Washington. It is currently under review and will likely end up in the Supreme Court. Attorney Hockaday recommends to limit or avoid international travel until the case is resolved and to advise employees who may be affected to expect a much longer and scrutinized process when the time comes to renew visas.
  • While we can expect continued conversation regarding the Affordable Care Act, there is uncertainty regarding how it will be affected by the new administration.
  • North Carolina employers should closely monitor their relationships with independent contractors and 1099 employees. There has been an increased focus regarding potential misclassification of employee statuses.

As experts in recruiting and talent solutions, Greene Resources strives to provide our clients with guidance and up-to-date information so they can make the best decisions regarding their hiring and human resources needs. The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, through numerous programs like this workshop, continues to provide us the insight and resources necessary to help us prepare for the future and best serve our customers.

Teamwork Amidst Conflict

When Steve Jobs was CEO of Apple, he used to tell a story about himself as a child.  As a young boy, Steve Jobs befriended an elderly man who lived down the road.  One day, Steve Jobs’ neighbor invited Jobs into his garage to help him with a project.

The elderly man pulled out an old rock tumbler that consisted of a motor and a coffee can with a little band between them.  They then walked to the man’s backyard and collected some rocks. They put the rocks in a can with a little bit of liquid and some grit powder, then closed the can and turned on the motor. The neighbor told Jobs to come back tomorrow and they would look inside.  As Jobs left the garage, he remembered hearing the banging and noise of the stones as they went around in the can.

When Jobs returned the next day, they opened the can and looked at the rocks.  When the stones went into the can, they were ordinary and indistinguishable from other rocks in the backyard.  After going into the rock tumbler, however, they were shiny, beautiful, and well-polished. The same stones that went into the coffee can, came out as beautiful and polished rocks, simply by rubbing against each other and creating a little bit of friction and noise.

The presidential inauguration was last week and the success of our region, state, and country have a lot to do with those stones and that rock tumbler.  As we’ve seen, often when individuals and groups with different opinions bump up against each other, there tends to be some noise and some friction. The beauty of democracy is that we can have differences of opinion, but in the end these different ideas begin to polish one another to create something beautiful. It takes incredibly talented people who are passionate and who will work hard towards something they think is right to do what is best for the region, state, and country.

Businesses are the same way.  They are made up of diverse groups of individuals and teams – incredibly talented people who are passionate, working hard, and oftentimes bumping up against each other and making noise.  Together, these individuals and their ideas begin to polish one another and in the process, create beautifully polished results.

At Greene Resources, our goal is to help you add diversity of talent to your team. Our vision is to connect people and companies in such a way that jobs become purposeful, impactful, and long-term careers.  To us, it’s not about filling a job opening.  It’s about finding the one person who will make a lasting impact on your company’s team and culture as well as feel accomplished through their work. We would love the opportunity to help you locate the individuals who can help you and your company create something beautiful.

Virtual Tour of the Greene Resources Headquarters

As we reflect on 2016, one of the most significant things that happened for Greene Resources was the relocation of our office headquarters.  This move provided a 180-degree change from our previous location, creating a modern and collaborative workspace with an open and welcoming office environment.  We hope many of you have stopped by our office to check out the new space, but if you have not, here is a virtual tour!

Our mission at Greene Resources is to turn jobs into life-fulfilling careers and candidates into invaluable team members. Our Director of First Impressions manages the lobby of our headquarters as well as the front desk. This is where the journey to connect job seekers and employers begins. 


Our interview rooms provide a quiet, comfortable area for candidates and recruiters to get to know one another and discuss our open positions.








We have found that it’s important for our team to have easy access to collaborate and connect with one another. Our open office environment ensures effective and efficient communication. The variety of workspaces also provides a “choose your own experience” for team members to have flexibility in where and how they work.


“The Garage” is one of our many multi-purpose spaces at Greene Resources. When the garage door is lowered, it is a large conference room for meetings of up to 16 people. When the garage door is raised, it extends our kitchen and break room, providing additional space for our team to interact with one another in a larger group setting. We even have a conference table that easily converts into a regulation ping pong table.


Another use for The Garage conference room – ping pong during lunch and after work has become a favorite activity for many members of the Greene Team.


At Greene Resources, everything is done with purpose and our work environment represents and reflects our commitment to deliver purposeful talent solutions.  Every workspace, every conference room, and even our break room was thoughtfully designed with everyone’s best interests at heart.  If you would like to check out our office in person, feel free to swing on by!

North Carolina’s Economic Forecast

It was our tremendous pleasure to sponsor the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Economic Forecast on Thursday, January 5th.  The Economic Forecast provided insight on the direction of both our regional and national economy in the upcoming year.  A video of the discussion, led by Mark Vitner and John Graham, is available at the end of this article, courtesy of WRAL.

Mark Vitner is a Managing Director and Senior Economist with Wells Fargo.  Mark’s responsibilities include tracking regional and national economic trends.  He is a regular contributor to Wells Fargo’s Monthly Economic Outlook as well as the Weekly Economic and Financial Commentary.  Mark’s slideshow presentation from the Economic Forecast is available online.

John Graham is the D. Richard Mead Jr. Family Professor of Finance with the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.  He also serves as the Director for Duke University’s Global Business Outlook, a quarterly CFO survey that assesses the business climate and topical economic issues around the world.  John’s slideshow and survey results from the Economic Forecast are also available online.

As a native Raleigh business, Greene Resources cares deeply about the growth and development of North Carolina.  As experts in recruiting and hiring, we monitor hiring trends as they develop and use this information to help advise our customers as they consider their recruiting needs.  According to Mr. Vitner and Dr. Graham, here are some of the trends to expect regarding the local and national economy.

Local Facts and Figures

  • Raleigh’s employment rates are expected to grow, with an estimated 12,000 new jobs coming to the Triangle.
  • Raleigh has the second highest GDP growth across all metro hubs in the nation.
  • Job growth has steadily gained momentum across North Carolina, specifically in professional services, construction, retail, and the leisure and hospitality sectors.
  • The IT sector in the Triangle is growing 1% faster than the rest of the United States.
  • Jobs in manufacturing are growing at a slower rate, but are expected to continue growing, especially within in the aviation industry.

 Predictions and Trends for 2017

  • The era of low interest rates is coming to an end; interest rates are predicted to rise twice in 2017.
  • Economic policies are expected to be focused on economic growth.
  • When surveyed in the past quarter, CFOs in the United States are more optimistic about the national economy than any other quarter surveyed in the past 15 years. North Carolina’s optimism index is even higher than the US average.
  • Wages are expected to rise 3.1%.

Potential Concerns for Employers and Businesses

  • The two greatest concerns of United States and North Carolina businesses are economic uncertainty followed by the cost of benefits.
  • Another concern continuing to climb up the list is the difficulty in attracting and retaining qualified employees. As the economy improves, it becomes harder to attract and retain employees as more and better opportunities become accessible to job seekers.
  • 70% of businesses surveyed were not sure how the recent election will impact their business with regards to corporate tax policies or regulatory policy changes.

Overall, optimism in the economic climate has jumped significantly in the past year with economists anticipating improvements in the regulatory and tax environment as well as continued employment growth.  Even if significant changes or improvements are made to the economy, the actual impact it will have on businesses and individuals will be delayed and it will take some time before the effects are felt.

Much like the optimistic outlook shared at the Economic Forecast, at Greene Resources, we approach every day and every experience with optimism. Our vision is to connect people and companies in such a way that jobs become purposeful, impactful, and long-term careers.  It’s not about filling a job opening.  It’s about finding the one person who will make a lasting impact on your company’s team and culture as well as feel accomplished through their work. We would love the opportunity to work with you and are optimistic that we can help your business attract, locate, and land top talent in 2017.

4 Professional New Year Resolutions

As New Year’s Eve approaches, many of us will begin to reflect on the past year, think about the year ahead, and determine the kind of changes we want to make in our life.  While many people will be making personal resolutions to go to the gym more, lose that extra weight, or commit to a budget this year, it’s important to ensure career goals do not get lost in the shuffle.  How do you make sure that your career continues to develop and your professional skills and achievements continue to grow? Here are four professional new year resolutions you can make as you enter into the upcoming year.

Create a clear vision.

Do you want to grow your client base?  Want to start or finish a certain project?  Maybe you want to get out of your current role and start something new?  It’s great to have goals and ambitions, but the more specific your goals are, the easier it will be to turn them into a reality and determine if you were successful or not.  Saying “I want to get better at Excel” is a great goal, but one that’s not very specific and will be hard to track.  Instead, say, “I want to learn how to create pivot tables and learn four new shortcuts that will make compiling and analyzing data easier in the next six weeks.” This will be much easier to track and acknowledge when you have succeeded.

Ensure your goals are challenging.

Studies have shown that people are more motivated to successfully reach a goal when the goal they’re trying to reach is challenging rather than a goal that is simple or realistic.  According to Mark Murphy, the founder of Leadership IQ,

“If you want to set a goal that will inspire people to achieve great things, that goal must be so vividly described that people can picture how great it will feel to achieve it; they must learn new skills to achieve the goal; and the goal will push them out of their comfort zone, among other factors.”

Make a plan to reach your goal.

Planning isn’t fun for everyone.  It can be boring and require a lot of time and effort to get a mediocre plan put together that you may or may not completely abandon after two weeks of halfhearted effort.  However, a key to successfully turning your vision into a reality is often found in putting a basic timeline in place to ensure you are continuously making progress.  If your goal is to run a marathon, you have a calendar that tells you how and when to train, and when to rest.  Similarly, if you have a challenging career goal you want to achieve, you need to map out what will be necessary to accomplish it.

Prepare ahead for setbacks.

No matter how prepared, dedicated, or motivated you are to meet your goals, setbacks will happen.  Dealing with unanticipated events is a part of life, but these setbacks should not allow you to lose focus on your ultimate goal.  Whether the setback is a departmental change you weren’t expecting, a larger-than-normal workload that suddenly appears, or simply a mistake, don’t give up!  By working through those difficulties and keeping your eye on the target, you may find that you’ve grown beyond even what your initial goal entailed.

At Greene Resources, our professional new year resolutions every year are to connect people and companies and to help turn jobs into purposeful, impactful, and long-term careers. We are excited to see how we can help make your professional new year resolutions a reality.

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