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5 Reasons Your Startup Should Use a Recruiter

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For startup companies, the recruiting process is an essential and important step toward a successful business. New businesses can be daunted by the idea of finding an employee who will be able to contribute and become an asset to the company.

Using advice from our recruiting and human resource specialists at Greene Resources, the following is a list of benefits that startup companies can reap from hiring a recruiting service to find the right employees.

1. Increased Productivity

Without the burden of finding new talent, your employees can concentrate on their own tasks and contributions to your company. Hiring a new employee takes significant time and dedication. Sifting through resumes, making phone calls, interviewing and screening candidates all add a heavy workload on employees, decreasing productivity. Using a hiring service lets current employees concentrate on what they do best for you.

2. Diversified Recruiting Solutions

A Greene Resources specialist is trained and skilled in the hiring industry and will be able to expand your recruiting solutions, diversify your sourcing channels, and ensure you are gaining access to the best talent wherever they may be.

3. Locating the Passive Job Seeker

The employee you wish to hire is likely gainfully employed elsewhere and not perusing the ads for their next opportunity. Locating and attracting this “passive” job seeker is a full-time job in and of itself – and a job about which the Greene Resources team is passionate.

4. Finding the Unicorn

One of the most important recruiting goals is to find an employee that adds to the success of the company in a unique way. To do this, the recruiters need to take the selection process beyond a resume match and behavioral interview to truly match the vision, dreams and goals of each applicant with the company’s goals, vision and mission.  By taking time to get to know you and your startup, Greene Resources is able to find the unicorn candidate who will be the perfect add to your organization. This takes time and experience. Outsourcing the process to Greene Resources provides both.

5. Contract Workforce

Because of the nature of the start-up environment, flexibility is key to the hiring process. You must be able to account for the ups and downs of company needs. A great way to do that is to fill new positions on a contract basis until long-term viability of the position or person is confirmed. Greene Resources can fulfill this need by continuing as the employer of placements made on either a short- or long-term basis.

Chances are that your employees wear a lot of different hats in their roles. If you’re a new business looking for a solution to the time-consuming recruiting process, let us wear the recruiting hat for you. We can help chart the best course for your hiring needs and locate the talent critical to the success of your organization.

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