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Before the Interview: 4 Things Hiring Managers Should Consider

The best way to achieve success within your organization is to hire great people.  Finding people who will be engaged in the work they do for your company will enable your company to grow.  To find talent that will enable your team to succeed, it’s important to first assess the new opening on your team and make smart, organized, and educated decisions before beginning the recruiting process.

When a position opens on your team, here are some things to consider before beginning the recruiting process:

lightbulbDetermine What Business Challenge Your New Hire Should Solve

Instead of asking yourself, “What do I want this new hire to do?” ask yourself, “What problem am I hoping this person can solve?” This line of questioning will help you determine what type of candidate you will need for this role and the type of personality, experience, or skills they should have to be most effective.

Review and Prioritize Technical and Soft Skills for the Role

Which is more important: having an employee who is outgoing and an effective communicator, or having an employee with the technical skills to get the job done?  Determining which technical or soft skills are a priority and which skills would be nice to have will help ensure your recruiting team is not wasting time locating the wrong type of candidate.

Discuss Timeline, Follow-Up Process, and Other Deadlines with Your Recruiting Team

If others are involved in the recruiting and hiring process, communicating expectations before the process begins is critical. If there is a major event or extra busy time of year when you must have a new hire fully trained and on-boarded, ensure the team is aware of that so they can prepare.  Ensure the recruiting team knows how often you expect to hear updates and who will be touching base with whom.  By acknowledging milestones and having a clear-cut schedule, it will be much easier to course correct or adjust the recruiting process during those recurring check-ins.

Get Informed on the Employment Market to Ensure Recruiting Goals are Realistic

If it’s been a while since you’ve had to fill this position or if you’ve never had to fill this type of role before, it can be challenging to know what the employment market looks like for the role.  Additionally, depending on how specialized the position is, you may need to broaden the parameters and perimeters of your search.  It is important to understand the types of candidates that are looking for jobs, but it is equally important to ensure that your job description, salary, and candidate pool are aligned and optimized to locate the talent you need. By using workforce data reports and salary reports, you can be sure that your hiring goals are realistic before beginning your search.

Greene Resources understands the frustration behind locating and landing the talent you need to help your business or department grow. If you’re beginning the recruiting process, we provide data intelligence on labor markets and the competition for talent as a free service to help your team on your hiring journey. This intelligence includes detailed information on the availability of talent in the current employment market, the level of difficulty to recruit for your open position(s), competitive wage rates, and a list of local companies looking to fill similar positions.  If you’d like to discuss your open positions or get ideas on how to fill them, we’d love to hear from you!

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