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Candidate Engagement

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Candidate engagement has become somewhat of a buzzword in the staffing industry as of late. Organizations may know they need it but are unclear on exactly why or how to achieve it. Engagement may be more familiar to companies as it relates to employees, but keeping candidates engaged is just as important. A good experience throughout the hiring process is critical in attracting top talent, reducing applicant fallout, decreasing time to fill, and increasing the quality of candidates. According to a study done by CareerBuilder, nearly 4 in 5 candidates say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people.

When designing your candidate engagement strategy, it can be helpful to think of the process in three stages – before, during, and after. Before a candidate applies, showcase your company culture and values to attract candidates that are the best fit. During the hiring process, keep the lines of communication open. Finally, make sure you are offering feedback after interviews and once the position has been filled. Here’s some more practical tips for each stage:


Before a candidate ever submits an application, they should have an idea of what your company culture is like. Make sure your social media channels and website are up to date and feature a healthy mix of industry content along with internal pictures, statuses, and events. Videos are a great way to showcase the “personality” of the organization and familiarize candidates with your office space and even some internal employees.


During the recruiting and hiring process, communication is key. Make sure candidates are hearing from you in consistent intervals and at key touchpoints, such as when they apply, when their resume is submitted to a hiring manager, and after interviews. New technology is making this exceptionally easy. Greene Resources utilizes automation tools like SENSE to ensure recruiters never miss a chance to stay connected.


After each interview, it is important to keep candidates updated and provide feedback when able. Even something as simple as letting them know you do not have an update for them yet can go a long way towards creating a positive experience. Keep rejected candidates informed of future opportunities that arise and encourage them to reapply and share with their network.

Engaged candidates become engaged employees and powerful brand advocates. Implementing some of these simple tips helps the recruiting process work for you to find and keep top talent. 

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