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Creating your Recruitment Strategy – Pt. II

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As strange and complicated as the world seems right now, there will come a time when stores see traffic again, businesses reopen, and you will have a need to hire. If you are an essential business that has continued hiring to serve vital needs in the community, you’ve likely already noticed that the old strategies for recruiting and hiring are no longer. As businesses adjust to the new normal, there are a number of considerations to take into account when planning a recruitment and hiring strategy for your organization.

In the second part of our Strategic Recruitment Series, our team of experts share their insights on the employment market and what you need to know about growing your team. Read Part I here.

How have talent attraction strategies changed?

Though we may be in more of an “employer’s market,” it’s still important to put some thought into how to attract the best candidates to your organization. While the pay rate should be competitive for your market, salary is not everything. Job seekers evaluate offers holistically and will accept the one they feel is the best overall fit, whether it comes with the highest salary or not. Flexibility is important now more than ever and many candidates appreciate the freedom to work remotely or work adjusted hours to accommodate their family schedule. Some candidates may negotiate for more vacation days as part of their compensation package.

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The most successful companies approach the process with an open mind. If you find a perfect fit for your position, be flexible with your offer (within reason) to recruit the right person to your team. A recruitment agency like Greene Resources can help guide you through the negotiation process to make sure it goes smoothly for you and the candidate. [

How do I decide whether to recruit in-house or engage a recruiting firm?  

It is a natural tendency for organizations to want to recruit their own team members. After all, who knows your culture and your needs better than you? However, depending on the role you are trying to fill and your team’s bandwidth, it may be helpful to engage outside assistance.

Entry-level roles may typically be easier to fill and, therefore, less demanding on your recruiting team’s time. Many companies keep recruiting for these roles in-house and may find high-caliber candidates from online applications. Your team will be able to tell pretty quickly, however, if that strategy is not working based on the quality of applications they are receiving and how much time they are spending sourcing and screening applicants. If the quality is too low or the time demand is too high, it might be wise to engage a recruiting firm.

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Similarly, you may consider engaging a firm from the start if the role is difficult to fill or if your team simply does not have the bandwidth to conduct the search efficiently and effectively. For example, the position may be highly technical and require niche software experience. You may want your ideal candidate to have extensive experience in a unique field or to speak another language.

Depending on the demands placed on the internal recruiting team, it may be challenging to effectively balance priorities. They must provide a positive experience for direct applicants while also sufficiently sourcing passive job seekers to ensure the best candidates overall are being considered for opportunities. A recruiting partner can help support specific aspects of the recruiting process to ensure the internal recruiting team maximizes productivity in both areas.

A true recruiting partner will take the time to understand your specific needs and learn your company culture, so they’ll know the right fit when they find them. With targeted sourcing and screening strategies, firms like Greene Resources specialize in reaching both active and passive candidates to find the best talent for your role. Recruiting firms can also offer deep market knowledge about things like competitive compensation ranges and supply and demand data that will help you attract these potential candidates and keep them as happy employees.

There are no easy answers to recruiting and hiring in the current environment. Each organization is overcoming unique obstacles as they serve their customers and community. For guidance on your specific hiring needs, reach out to our team.

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