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Employee Spotlight: Amanda

Amanda Employee Spotlight

This week we want to highlight one of our team members, Amanda Powell. Amanda is the senior account manager for Greene’s Professional Solutions team. We asked Amanda about her role with the company, her favorite things about her job and the biggest piece of advice she could give to hiring managers looking to grow their team.

What do you do as a Greene Account Manager?

In my role, I ensure that all client needs are met from start to finish. This includes the original intake call for a new position, brainstorming strategies to find key talent, educating clients on the current talent market, and working with the recruiting team to finalize all candidate bios and resumes before sending along to the client. I schedule and coordinate all candidate interviews between clients, help with salary negotiations when we get to the offer stage, and ensure that both the client and candidate are satisfied.

In your opinion, why should employers use a recruiting firm?

Honestly in a market this tough, a recruiting firm can be your secret weapon. We have tools that most companies don’t have internally to land and communicate with top talent, and we can take the leg work out of sifting through hundreds of candidates. We deliver the top few people to clients after being thoroughly vetted so most of the tedious part is already taken care of by the time, they reach the interview stage.

What trends are you noticing in the market right now?

I can’t stress this enough – flexibility. Candidates have proven that they can successfully work from home so there is major pushback when it comes to working inside an office full time. Of course, some jobs do require this, but as much flexibility as possible is key for any position at any company to land top talent.

What are some things employers can be doing to make sure they’re attracting top talent?

Meet candidates where they are. If they need flexibility, provide it. If they work successfully in different work environments or at different times of day, lean into it.

What is the greatest piece of advice you’d give to a hiring manager looking to grow their team?

Be aggressive. The talent market is tough right now and you must go in strong with an offer. It’s not just about the money either. Make accommodations for candidates that other companies aren’t making.

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