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Making an Offer: 5 Things Hiring Managers Should Consider

making an offer

When your company has an opening, it can be difficult to search for new employees while trying to focus on your core responsibilities and tasks.  It can also be painful to make an offer to a candidate that you love, only to have them reject the offer.  

When prospective employees are considering new opportunities, they are looking at more than just what their daily duties and salary will be.  To help minimize the risk of a candidate rejecting your job offer, we’ve come up with some key items you should consider before making an offer:

Created by Eucalyp from Noun ProjectDiscuss healthcare and other benefits

Providing explicit details on what benefits your company offers and when someone will be eligible for those benefits before making an offer ensures there will not be any surprises when the offer letter is presented.

scheduleConfirm the candidate’s level of comfort with the expected schedule and work hours

Communicating the level of flexibility in a particular role and the expectations the company has regarding their employees’ availability before making an offer can help ensure candidates fully understand the nature of their role and the time commitment expected of them.

Discuss short- and long-term goals and expectations

Discussing short- and long-term goals and expectations before making an offer can help candidates foresee whether or not they have a future with your company.  In the same way, knowing up front where your team members want to go in their career allows you to provide outlets for them to achieve those goals.  If your candidates feel like you have both their best interests and the company’s best interests at heart, they will be more likely to stay and grow with your company.

Continue to stay in communication with candidate post-offer

Given the current positive economic climate, the workforce market heavily favors employees and job seekers.  If you have a candidate you love, you need to stay in touch with them and ensure they are receiving prompt, accurate, and enthusiastic communication from you or your recruiting team, even after making an offer.  Assuming they will still be available when you are ready for them to start without staying in contact is a risky decision, and could result in losing your top candidates, forcing you to start the hiring process all over again.

salaryEnsure your salary expectations are realistic

In the current economic climate, many candidates are considering more than one position at any given time and may be presented with multiple job offers.  If you offer a salary that is well below market value, it will be hard to find top talent to fill those openings, and even more challenging to motivate employees to stay with your company instead of pursuing more lucrative opportunities.

To ensure your positions are competitive, Greene Resources offers accurate and real-time salary data reports as a free service to help our customers on their hiring journey.  If you would like a free salary report for one of your open positions, just let us know.

Greene Resources is committed to putting people first and exceeding expectations through purposeful talent solutions. By valuing our people above all else, we make a lasting impact in the careers, businesses, and lives of those we serve.  Whether it’s assisting your company with a salary report, conducting a review of your benefits offerings, or assisting you to locate and land top talent for a special project or urgent need, we would love to see how we can help your business.



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