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Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing for You?

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Since 2000, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has steadily gained steam in the staffing world and is not predicted to slow down anytime soon. In this model, the RPO vendor becomes an extension of their clients recruiting department, handling everything from screening applications to interviewing to analyzing the performance of the entire process. As a result, the hiring process moves quicker and more efficiently.

As more organizations adopt this model, it is easy to see the benefits. RPO models offer hiring managers both time and cost savings while increasing candidate engagement. The delivery can be easily scaled to meet fluctuating demand throughout the year. By analyzing and measuring key performance indicators, recruitment and hiring procedures are continuously refined. These improved processes ultimately lead to better outcomes for the organization.

There are numerous reasons a company may decide to use Recruitment Process Outsourcing to fill their hiring demands. Below are some of the most common.

  1. You have specialized talent needs.

    Because an RPO model is highly customizable, it is ideal for roles that require a specialized skill set. Recruiters will develop unique sourcing methods to target candidates that may be hard to find. By building this network of qualified candidates, they are always poised to meet your hiring demands even for difficult-to-fill positions.

  1. You have high-volume positions.

    RPO models are also ideal for high-volume positions. With a team of dedicated recruiters, your recruiting and hiring processes can be easily scaled to meet demand. Maybe your organization has hit a growth spurt and you need to staff a new sales region. Perhaps you are facing increased customer demand over the holidays. Whatever the reason, an RPO delivery may be the answer to your high-volume needs.

  2. You want to increase candidate (and employee) engagement.

    The candidate experience is more important than ever in attracting and keeping top talent. As such, a majority of RPO solutions are going beyond standard sourcing and hiring to increase engagement throughout the life of the candidate. Many RPO deliveries are incorporating best of class engagement software to  ensure a consistent experience. This starts with prompt and regular communication with candidates, both before and after they apply. It continues through each step of the interview process. Engagement can even extend through the candidates first year of work once hired, including onboarding, internal moves, and exit interviews, if applicable. The result is decreased turnover, increased referrals, and higher quality hires for the organization.

If you fall into one of the above categories, consider adopting an RPO solution for your recruiting and hiring needs. Greene Resources is a trusted RPO partner for many, offering full life cycle recruiting and project-based recruiting, among others. Contact us today to discuss your customized delivery!

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