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Recruiting Advice for Startups

recruiting advice for startups

For startup companies, the recruiting process is an essential and important step toward a successful business. Startups can fall prey to the idea that recruiting is a process that doesn’t require much energy, especially with the number of ways businesses can post openings online and easily collect resumes. On the other hand, new businesses can be daunted by the idea of finding an employee who will be able to contribute and become an asset to the company.

We asked our recruiting and human resource specialists at Greene Resources if they had advice for startup companies. Here is a list of benefits that startup companies reap from hiring a recruiting firm to find the right employees.

1.    Increase your team’s productivity

Without the burden of finding new talent, your employees can concentrate on their own tasks and contributions to your company. Hiring a new employee takes time and dedication. Sifting through resumes, making phone calls, interviewing and screening candidates all add a heavy workload on employees.  The more time your team or managers are spending reviewing applications and candidates, the less time they have to focus on their core goals. Recruiting firms allow current employees to concentrate on what they do best for you.

2.    Professional recruiters lead to professional results

When startups rely on internal efforts for hiring, there is often trouble waiting in the wings. Why? Most startups do not have the luxury of a fully formed human resources or talent acquisition department.  Many times, the employees looking for candidates and screening applicants do not have professional experience in the recruiting process. The right recruiting firm will be trained and skilled in the hiring industry. With this training, they will be able to create recruiting solutions tailored to your workforce needs.

 3.    Thinking outside the box

The employee you need may already be employed elsewhere and not actively looking for their next opportunity. Locating and attracting this “passive” job seeker can be challenging. This challenge will require much more time than simply reviewing resumes of those who have applied.  Finding this type of talent is a full-time job in and of itself.  The right recruiting firm will have the strategies and know-how to locate passive job seekers.  This know-how allows them to locate job seekers much more quickly than your employees on their own.

4.    Looking beyond the resumé

One of the most important outcomes is to find an employee that fits well within the company’s culture. To do this, the recruiters and screeners need to dig deeper in order to truly match the vision and goals of candidates with the company’s culture, goals, and mission.  This takes both time and experience, and outsourcing the process to a recruiting firm can provide both.

5.    Flexibility in the hiring process

Because of the nature of the startup environment, flexibility is key. Employers must be able to account for the ups and downs of the company’s needs. Recruiting services providers like Greene Resources offer this flexibility. Employers may add employees to their team on a contract or contract-to-hire basis until the long-term needs are better known. By working through a recruiting service, businesses can match their hiring with both the short and long-term needs of the organization.

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If you’re a new business or a startup preparing to ramp up your hiring needs and you are looking for a solution to the time-consuming recruiting process, we’d love to help.  Our team provides salary reports, workforce data analysis, and in-depth information surrounding the employment market to businesses for their unique positions.  We can help chart the best course for your hiring needs and locate the talent critical to the success of your organization.  Our team is certified, knowledgeable, and eager to help your business find individuals who will make a difference for you.


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