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3 Ways to Prepare for a Productive Summer

summer vacationAs the summer months approach, employee minds often wander to upcoming beach trips, vacation days, and relaxation. To help your team enjoy the summertime while ensuring company goals and objectives are met, keep these strategies and best practices in mind as ways to prepare for a productive summer.

  • Set expectations early and communicate often

    Is summertime a slow time for your industry? If so, employees need to understand how to use the extra time they may have in a way that will be helpful and meaningful in the future. Encourage group brainstorming sessions with a focus on adding value.  Determine how to create greater efficiencies or ways to improve processes to help prepare for the approaching busy season. Is summertime a busy season for your industry? Communicate to your employees what that means for their workload and how their performance will be measured during those months.

  • Provide flexibility and incentives that allow employees to step away from the office

    Managing your employees will be easier and more effective if they know they will be able to step away from the office to attend the graduation, wedding, or vacation they have on their schedule. When appropriate, allowing employees to rework their schedule around personal needs will help them focus while they’re in the office.

  • Contract employees or summer interns can help ensure the work gets done while team members are on vacation

    To ensure productivity levels stay high while employees are covering for out-of-office colleagues, consider adding a contract employee or summer intern to your team. Short-term hires can provide a much-needed extra set of hands during the summer months while providing valuable experience and a meaningful opportunity for the interim employee.

Improving communication, offering flexibility, and ensuring all teams are well-equipped for success are effective ways to reduce turnover, increase productivity, and increase employee satisfaction.  The summer season is a great opportunity to test different approaches that both help employees and are realistic for your business. 

Greene Resources’ flexibility arrangements and management have been nationally recognized as being effective and innovative.  We would love to see how we can help you find and retain the talent you need.

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