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20 Years of Purpose (Part 2!)

WakeEd Partnership

First up in our 20 Years of Purpose series is WakeEd Partnership! Having gone through the Wake County Public School System, it was an easy decision for our founder, Gary Greene, to get involved and stay engaged for over 20 years. Since its founding in 1983, WakeEd Partnership has remained focused on ensuring strong schools in each community, excellent educators in every school, and successful students in all classrooms. For this coming school year, WakeEd is helping provide virtual, safe learning environments for all through the Families and Schools Together program.  



Jobs for Life  

From the very start, our mission has been to connect people with purposeful careers. It is hard to find a partner more aligned with that mission than Jobs for Life. For almost 25 years, Jobs for Life has worked to address the root causes of unemployment by uniting churches, businesses, and community organizations. Greene Resources has seen the difference meaningful work can make. 





ALS Association  

When our VP of Technology lost his mother to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in 2012, we knew we wanted to support him and his family any way we could. This was how the dreadful disease was initially introduced to Greene Resources and why we began, and continue, to support the local ALS ChapterALS currently affects around 30,000 people in the United States, with 5,000 new cases each year. The ALS Association is on a mission to discover treatments and a cure for ALS while serving and advocating for those affected by the disease. As one of our legacy philanthropy partners, we look forward to their annual fundraising walk each spring and we didn’t hesitate to dump some cold water on our teammates for the ice bucket challenge. We will continue to support this wonderful cause, in hopes that one day there will be a cure. Thank you, ALS Association for being such an impactful part of our 20 Years of Purpose.



The first Skate4life event took place in 2011 after Dylan McNeill tragically ended his own life. Friends, family, and community members rallied around the McNeill family to honor Dylan’s life and celebrate his love for skateboarding. Cody Arrington placed second in the first Skate4life event and designed the original event logo. 8 months after the first Skate4life, Cody also took his own life. Cody and Dylan’s mothers noticed such a generous response from community members, that they took it upon themselves to host Skate4life every year. The annual Skate4life event features a skateboarding competition in memory of lives lost and provides an opportunity to educate the community about suicide. In 2016, Dona Arrington and her partners turned Skate4life into its own 501C3 non-profit. The event was postponed this year due to COVID-19, but they are hopeful that it will return in May of 2021. We are honored to partner with Skate4Life in their mission to raise awareness of teenage depression and suicide. 


United Way of the Triangle 

This week we are highlighting United Way of the Greater Triangle for our 20 Years of Purpose posts! At the very heart of our mission, we believe that all people should have the opportunity to succeed. We believe it is important to care deeply for our neighbors, and we prioritize partnering with organizations that share that same core belief. United Way of the Triangle holds these values closely, and it is evident in all that they do. United Way is “committed to eradicating poverty and creating social mobility for everyone in the Greater Triangle.” Through annual and emergency investments, they create opportunities for the next generation to be equipped on their educational journey, help families access all they may need to stabilize, overcome poverty, and achieve social mobility, and they amplify voices of underrepresented non-profit leaders. We are honored to get the opportunity to partner with United Way of the Triangle in raising up the future generation to be inclusive, welcoming and equal. 



Home can mean a lot of different things- the people around your dinner table, a hug from a loved one, a smile of understanding, or—home can mean a house. Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministry has spent the last 24 years repairing, rebuilding, and making houses accessible to all in the Wilmington area. WARM’s dream is that all people, regardless of income or ability, would be able to live safely in their home. 24 years ago, WARM recognized the need that the Wilmington community had for urgent home repairs, hurricane recovery, and accessibility upgrades- especially their neighbors who fall into low-income or disability categories. WARM rallies volunteers and staff members to love and serve the community by protecting the dignity and independence of people while providing the resources and labor needed for house repairs. We will continue to support WARM in hopes that one day all people will have access to a safe home.  


Read and Feed 

read and feed mission statement woman handing books and food to a girl14 years ago, Read and Feed recognized the need to create opportunities for every child in the Triangle to have access to grade-level books and to nourishing meals. Kati Mullan, Executive Director of Read and Feed, put it simply: “Every child should have access to the resources that allow them to love reading.” Due to COVID-19, Read and Feed has not been able to have any in-person tutoring, and they recognized that doing virtual tutoring is not realistic for a lot of families. Due to the technology restrictions some families may face, Kati mentioned that it is likely many students have not had access to grade level reading or consistent after-school meals since March. Opportunities for volunteers to get involved right now include conducting a book drive, sponsoring a child, supporting a food drive, and simply being ready to volunteer when in-person tutoring can resume. We are honored to have had the opportunity to partner with Read and Feed in the past and we look forward to getting to walk alongside this organization for years to come.


American Heart Association  

Greene Team members participating in the American Heart Association walkIn 1924, six cardiologists banded together to create an organization that would fight against heart disease and strokes. Heart disease and strokes claim the number one and two spots for global causes of death. The American Heart Association is the home-base to over 33 million volunteers and over 300 staff members. There are many ways to get involved with the work that the American Heart Association is doing. Some ways that the AHA suggest are the most impactful are to promote healthy lifestyle choices within your sphere of influence, advocate for your workplace to become healthier, participate in research, host charity events, and more. Recently, 39 Greene Team members participated in the annual American Heart Association’s Heart Walk. Greene Resources is proud to support the American Heart Association.  


Step Up Ministries 

Step Up Wilmington mission statement woman posing for the camera smiling contentlyAs we continue to celebrate 20 Years of Purpose, we are honored to highlight our partnership with StepUp. We have had the pleasure of partnering with both the Raleigh and Wilmington locations of StepUp, and we’ve found in both cases our mission, vision, and purpose align seamlessly. StepUp is motivated by the mission of empowering and uplifting “Individuals in the community to reach their potential and live stable lives through satisfying work.” Like Greene, StepUp fights for every person to secure a living wage while advocating for justice and equity in the workplace. We had the opportunity to speak with Tyler Young of StepUp Wilmington, and he shared a powerful story from Felisha, a graduate of Jobs Week. Felisha (pictured) was laid off from her job at a law firm. Felisha felt a bit rusty entering back into the job search after a decade of employment. Through classes, presentations, and helpful tips, Felisha was able to nail a panel interview and land a new job! We are so glad to get to partner with StepUp as we work together to ensure people in our communities find purposeful and impactful careers. 


Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC 

Food Bank of Central and Eastern NC mission statementThis week for our 20 Years of Purpose Post, we are highlighting The Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. The Food Bank has provided food for people facing hunger in 36 counties for over 40 years. In 1980, the Food Bank began operations with the help of funding from a local partner. The Food Bank now partners with over 900 like-minded agencies to provide access to nutritious and sustainable meals to those facing hunger. The Food Bank’s mission is critical to our community– “Nourish People. Build Solutions. Empower Communities.” With these values at their core, they are doing the lasting work to ensure that no one goes hungry.   



LGBT Center of Raleigh 

Greene Team members volunteering at Out! an event hosted by the LGBT Center of RaleighOver the past few years, Greene Resources has had the honor of partnering with the LGBT Center of Raleigh in their mission to “serve, empower, and advocate for the well-being of our diverse LGBTQ+ communities”. Throughout a typical year the LGBT Center hosts various programs for members and allies of the LGBT community. This year, however, many events are taking place virtually. Last year, Greene Resources supported the LGBT Center of Raleigh in a few different capacities- more specifically by having 22 Greene employees and a few family members volunteer at the Out! Raleigh event in Downtown Raleigh. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with the LGBT Center of Raleigh, and we are so excited for the day that we can participate in future events!


Dress for Success 

Vision Statement of Dress for Success non-profit two women wearing business clothesDress for Success, an organization focused on both The Triangle and the world, has spent the past 12 years empowering women to achieve their full potential in and out of the workplace. In just over a decade of calling The Triangle home, Dress for Success has served over 15,500 women. Dress for Success believes in providing opportunities for women to thrive in the workplace by building a network of opportunities, resources, and community. Dress for Success provides professional outfits to those who may need it, tips and advice for upcoming interviews, a community of other local women, and more. It is difficult to find a local organization more in line with our 20 Years of Purpose mission than Dress for Success! 


GiGi’s Playhouse 

Gigi's Playhouse Mission QuoteGiGi’s Playhouse, a center dedicated to empowering individuals with Down syndrome, is a global non-profit and we are fortunate enough to have a location right down the road from us in Raleigh. GiGi’s Playhouse uses therapeutic based education systems and practices to raise up children with Down syndrome and stand by their side as they grow into adulthood. GiGi’s playhouse is committed to each family and child that walks through their doors by offering a wide variety of resources to assist families from pre-natal care all the way through adulthood. This past year, we’ve gotten the honor to walk alongside GiGi’s Playhouse as they’ve navigated the pandemic to ensure care and support for the families in which they partner. We look forward to many days to come of getting to partner with GiGi’s Playhouse. #20YearsofPurpose 


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