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Common Questions When Hiring During a Pandemic

It is not breaking news to write that many wonderful candidates have been impacted by the global pandemic. Fortunately for your company that may be searching for great talent, there are candidates who are highly motivated to find a new career. We have received several questions from hiring managers who are considering adding employees to their team. Included below are the most common questions we receive along with our advice.  


How Quickly Should I Be Making a Hiring Decision? 
Has the Hiring Timeline Changed?

It depends. As always, many hiring questions are dependent on your individual circumstances and needs. The more experience required with a position, the longer the hiring process may take. Similarly, the more people that need to be involved in the decision may also impact the amount of time the hiring process takes. We suggest accelerating the process as much as possible without sacrificing the quality of the decision.  Regardless of the timeline, be as transparent as possible with the candidates, and be sure to meet all established deadlines for follow up.  Rest assured, the quality candidates will likely have multiple offers to consider and your ability to keep the process moving forward will make a big difference.  

With much uncertainty in the world, it may feel fitting to delay your hiring process for as long as possible. However, we are seeing multiple opportunities being presented to candidates, and they are extremely motivated to accept their new position.  The longer you wait, or the longer the process takes, the greater the chance the candidate you want will move forward with another opportunity. 


How Do I Compete with Companies That Are Still Offering Remote Options When We Are Back in the Office? 
Transparency is Key!

The best way to navigate a conversation about your current work location and accessibility is to approach the conversation with full transparency, and always consider the situation and needs of all involved. You know your options and flexibility better than anyone, and all parties will benefit from open and honest dialogue. Clearly sharing the procedures in place to ensure everyone’s health and safety will also reduce potential concerns.  Be mindful of individual needs that may arise, such as health factors, kids participating in remote learning, comfort levels, and more. A candidate can only bring their best work to the table in an environment in which they feel comfortable and supported.  Even slight variations and increased flexibility to the work schedule can make a difference.   


Is There Value in Considering a Candidate Who May Work Remote Indefinitely? 

Yes, whether a candidate could potentially work remote indefinitely due to health concerns, location and proximity, or a myriad of other reasons, is certainly worth considering. All employees, employers, and situations are different. An employee will thrive if they are set up for success and they feel as though they are an equal part of your team- whether they join you through the computer screen or in-person when the time comes for you to return to the office.  We are seeing companies finding ways to allow for remote work.  Expanding your candidate search outside of your region can open the candidate pool exponentially, providing greater diversity with candidates 


We are not prepared to onboard a full-time employee, but still need help, what should we do? 
Contract Roles

Contract roles offer clients and candidates the opportunity to ensure the fit is right before committing long-term. Clients and candidates are encouraged to face their current hiring situations with an open mind, due to the uncertainty of the next few months, meaning more employees and employers are open to considering contract options.  


At Greene Resources, our goal is to connect people and companies in such a way that jobs become purposeful, impactful and long-term careers.  We welcome your questions and look forward to the opportunity, through COVID-19 and beyond, to fulfill this mission with you.  


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