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3 Ways to Create Purposeful Career Development

This week, the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce’s Professional Women’s Luncheon featured a panel of renowned female leaders from within the Raleigh community discussing purposeful career development.  The panel was moderated by Melanie Dubis, a partner at Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP, and included Adrienne Cole, the president and CEO of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce; Kacie Fore, the Community Relations Manager for Duke Energy; and Courtney Tellefsen, the founder of The Produce Box.

As the vision of Greene Resources is to connect job seekers and employers in such a way that jobs can become purposeful, impactful and long-term careers, and as long-time advocates of personal and career development, we were very excited to sponsor this luncheon and hear the stories and advice from these women.  Our tagline, “Recruiting with Purpose,” embodies our company belief that decisions should not be made at random, but that there should be a purpose behind each decision that helps our employees, our clients, and our internal team.

Here are some of the takeaways from each of the speakers:

1.    Dedicate Time To Simply Be Present

Have you ever found yourself daydreaming about being on vacation while at work?  Then while on vacation, do you think about all the things piling up for you back at the office? Now more than ever, dedicating your energy and focus on one item at a time can feel impossible. Despite the dozens of distractions around us, dedicating time to put your phone, laptop, or to-do list aside and truly be in the moment will help you find clarity and give your full focus to the task or situation at hand.

2.    Continuously Develop and Improve Yourself

You don’t (necessarily) need to go back to school to continue to learn and improve yourself as a professional.  There are many opportunities to assist in developing your skills and learning new ones. Some great examples are to attend events or workshops on specific topics related to where you would like to grow your career, shadowing people who work in roles you’d like to pursue, hiring a career coach, reading books on personal or professional development, listening to podcasts, or keeping a journal of the lessons that you learn each day. By taking advantage of these opportunities to continuously develop your skills and abilities, you will be able to take control and propel your career forward.

3.    Learn to Conquer Worries and Embrace Failure

When faced with something new and exciting, despite how incredible it may be, it is often accompanied with worry and fear of failure. When you find yourself contemplating a decision, or feeling anxious over a new opportunity, write down your worries and strike out any worry or concern that you cannot control. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back from taking a chance. However, when you embrace an opportunity and are faced with failure, try to determine why you failed.  Was it the wrong time to make a change? Was the opportunity not a good fit? Did something change within the organization that was out of your hands?  If you could not control the outcome, accept that failure and move onto your next challenge.  If there were ways you could have directly improved the outcome, use the experience as a lesson learned to help you avoid those scenarios in the future.

At Greene Resources, we help companies navigate their search for talent. While assisting in this way, we focus on connecting the right individual to each job, so those jobs can turn into fulfilling and impactful careers. We would love to hear about how we can help you!

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