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Workplace Advancement for Women

Presenter on stage at the Women's Luncheon

Last week, the Raleigh Chamber hosted the latest installment of their Professional Women’s Luncheon Series. As a presenting sponsor, Greene Resources was able to meet and learn from local experts discussing workplace advancement. The speakers included Stephanie Bass, a Senior Financial Adviser and Senior VP – Investments with Wells Fargo, who shared tips on being financially independent; Brittany Guerin, co-founder of Raleigh Group Fitness, encouraged mindfulness in the pursuit of wellness both in and out of the office; and finally, Megan Johnson, owner of Best You Consulting, spoke about how to define success.

Though advancement can mean something different to each person, the speakers gave valuable insights that can be put into practice at any stage of a career or business. Here are the key takeaways for any woman looking to reach their next level.

  1. Financial Independence

Stephanie explained that at some point in their lives, up to 90% of women will be solely responsible for their finances. That’s a compelling reason to start the journey toward financial independence sooner rather than later. That journey starts with a stop – a stop to assess. Take stock of where you currently stand financially. Know your credit score and what factors into it. Understand what debt you have and if that debt is helpful or harmful to you. Finally, set specific goals to work towards and determine what steps you will need to take to get there.

  1. Wellness from Within

As a fitness professional, Brittany advocates for a healthy lifestyle. She encouraged attendees to go beyond simple health, to wellness. An easy place to start is mindfulness. Take time to evaluate what you want in life and how you can pursue that. Clarify what your values are and make sure your behavior reflects them. Do not be motivated by social comparison or the thought of what you “should” have. Let your wellness efforts come from within.

  1. Be the Best You

Megan had a long history in Human Resources before she took a risk and dove into education and admissions work.  She shared some advice for those who feel like they may not have a traditional career path – do not apologize.  There is no blueprint for success. Your path may contain industry changes, gaps to care for children, or even “backward steps”, but each step you take is valuable in its own way. It is up to each person to define what success means for them and chase it with determination.

At Greene Resources, we are dedicated to helping both our clients and our employees reach their next level through purposeful connections. Share your goals with us and see how we can help you get there!

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