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Managed Services Solutions

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When your needs are more complex, Greene Resources has capabilities covering the entire employment process.  Greene Resources’ Managed Services Solutions ensure time and effort are saved by allowing hiring managers the ability to execute the mission of their departments, not spend countless hours recruiting, locating staffing resources, and managing the process. In essence, we act as a pipeline, managing a host of resources to deliver one solution.

Benefits of Managed Services Solutions include:

Larger Applicant Pool.
Your company is able to choose from a larger, more diverse group of candidates from multiple recruiting firms without increasing your company’s involvement working with recruiting vendors.
Centralization and Consolidation.
Invoicing, reporting, and communication become centralized, with a dedicated team acting as a single point of contact regardless of the number of recruiting vendors utilized.
gr-icon-certificate-25 Compliance.
Greene Resources audits compliance across all recruiting vendors, minimizing and mitigating risk and increasing quality control.
gr-icon-employee-id-43 Quality and Screening Standards.
Quality control standards become universal across all recruiting vendors, ensuring a uniform on-boarding and recruiting process.
gr-icon-custom-sliders-31 Control.
Your company is able to choose how the hiring and vendor selection process is done, which is then reflected across all recruiting vendors.
gr-icon-hourglass-13 Improvement of Performance Metrics.
Operational efficiencies and formalized processes improve metrics such as fill ratio and time-to-hire.

When it comes to managed services solutions Greene Resources takes a unique customer-centric approach, choosing to primarily focus on one company in each industry sector and market and then define processes and deliveries around each of those customers.  This creates a non-compromising approach to recruiting and allows us to form a close, long-term business partnership with you.

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