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Vendor Management Solutions

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Vendor partnerships are a valued and critical component of our business.

If your company operates multiple sites and divisions, all requiring specialized recruitment from multiple staffing vendors, our vendor management solutions can help. We provide centralized management of multiple vendors to ensure consistency, quality, and fairness.

Greene Resources’ Vendor Management Solutions will ensure that each of your locations receives the best service at the best price from the vendor best suited to meet its needs. This allows hiring managers to execute the missions of their departments instead of spending countless hours locating staffing resources and managing the process.

Key benefits of the vendor management program include:

  • Provides a single point of contact for recruiting and selection
  • Centralizes billing and reporting processes
  • Increases quality control among approved vendors
  • Allows managers flexibility to continue relationships with local vendors of choice
  • Increases the availability of the applicant pool while decreasing your company’s involvement in the recruitment process

Greene Resources utilizes the latest technology to streamline processes, improve productivity, and provide instant tracking and reporting.


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