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Cape Fear Community College Advisory Board Roundtable Discussion

This morning, Lindsay Smith, our Director of Client Development in Wilmington, participated in a round-table discussion at Cape Fear Community College.  Cape Fear has created a HRD Advisory Board and is in the process of rewriting their curriculum.  To best serve their students, they sought guidance from representatives of major local companies throughout the Wilmington area, including Greene Resources.  Lindsay and others gave guidance and advice regarding what skills were most highly valued in the job market and what job seekers should focus on to develop their professional abilities.  The Wilmington Business Journal has posted a more in-depth article here.

Some of the essential skills and character traits that were discussed are listed below:

  • Technology skills and basic computer skills
  • Customer Service
  • Good work ethic
  • Positive attitude (no matter what!)
  • Team player

For more information on how to make the best first (and lasting!) impression possible when pursuing a new career, please view our Resource Center.

Wilmington Business Journal Article

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