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“Career of Choice” Presentation for NC State Alumni Association

Are you struggling to find a career that you are passionate about?  Are you tired of having just a job?  Do you feel like you are constantly applying for positions, but are getting nowhere and you don’t know why?

Gary Greene, founder and president of Greene Resources, presented a webinar on the “Career of Choice” for the NC State Alumni Association.  In this webinar, he discusses practical ways to find and land your ideal position to make you stand out from your competitors.  By identifying your gifts, developing a specific idea of the exact position you want, and utilizing social media, networking, and the community around you to find it, you will have greater success in finding not just a “job,” but a career tailored to your abilities and skill set.

Once you have found a position that you are passionate about, Gary provides different approaches to not only get the interview, but to surpass your potential employer’s expectations and make a lasting positive impression.  Furthermore, Gary discusses the “Unlucky Seven” things not to do in an interview – things that will guarantee you don’t get the job.

The goal of Greene Resources is not simply to place people in positions for our clients, but to create life-fulfilling moments within the careers of our clients, applicants and fellow staff.  By being aware of your abilities, specific in your job search, creative in your networking, prepared for your interview, and spontaneous and personal in your follow-up, you too can create a life-fulfilling moment for yourself, your new employer, and those around you.

Check out Gary’s webinar here!

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