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HELP is not a four letter word

Do you feel you need to do everything for yourself and can’t ask for help? You’re not alone. Peggy Collins, author of “Help is Not a Four-Letter Word,” is a reformed “Self-Sufficient,” so she knows exactly what you’re going through. At this event, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of Self-Sufficiency Syndrome
  • Break the cycle of extreme self-sufficiency
  • Ask for help when you really need it
  • Learn who to ask (and who not to ask) for help.

Collins’ passion is enabling the decision making power of working women. Too many business and professional women get caught up in doing it all themselves—and they fail to realize that Asking for Help can actually bring back the power in their lives, help them take charge, and feel more in control than ever before.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear an engaging, entertaining presentation and connect with other working moms.

More on Peggy Collins
Peggy Collins is a professional speaker, trainer, and author. Her book, “Help is NOT a Four- Letter Word: Why Doing It All is Doing You In,” is about a ground-breaking, never-before-discussed, self-defeating behavior she’s calling the Self-Sufficiency Syndrome and the person a Self-Sufficient.

Before becoming a professional speaker, Peggy’s background included:

  • Successful business woman in the real estate, banking, and relocation industries
  • A top real estate sales producer
  • Designer of a relocation mortgage sold in 34 cities around the country
  • Coach to Southern Methodist University’s MBA students
  • Outplacement coach to high-level executives
  • Participant in 15 major downsizings
  • Training and employment coach to all levels at JobLink
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