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RWHRMA HR Professional Development Series – Employee Retention

Why is it that the “good ones” all too frequently seem to be the employees who leave? Do you know if or when your top people are preparing to exit the organization? When talent leaves, who is at fault? Is it an issue with direct management? Is it because Human Resources is not appropriately equipped to address a critical business need?

Understanding how employee retention aligns with overall business and HR strategy is a critical challenge facing companies and Human Resource professionals today. Retaining talent requires a complex culmination of initiatives from recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement programs, and more. In addition, HR must be aware of internal company branding and how communication methodologies can either build or break organizational retention efforts.

In this two-hour session, attendees will come to understand the true costs and impacts of retention (or lack of retention) on their companies. Furthermore, the audience will learn about best practices and tools to aid in retention while also discussing strategies that work as well as the potential roadblocks to successful implementation.

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