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The Resume and Cover Letter – Helpful Tips

We have created a list of short helpful tips to assist you when creating your cover letter and resume.  This list can easily be used as a checklist before you send out your information:


  • A resume should not be written in first person.
  • Education and experience should both be listed with the most recent first.
  • Titles of experience should be bold or underlined.
  • Make sure the formatting is consistent.  The font should all be the same, with appropriate sizes.
  • All bullets should be consistent.
  • Spacing and tabs should be consistent.
  • Remember to include all contact information (address, phone, email).
  • Only list relevant information.  For example, your cooking and swimming hobbies should not be listed unless relevant to the position.
  • Personal information should not be on your resume.
  • Proofread your resume for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors.
  • Keep your resume current.
  • Your resume should be only 1 or 2 pages.
  • Use bulleted sentences.

Cover letter:

  • Include a cover letter with every resume you submit.
  • Your cover letter should match the formatting of your resume.
  • Address your cover letter to the appropriate person, in the appropriate way.
  • Do all you can to find a specific person to address your cover letter rather than “To Whom it May Concern”.
  • Your cover letter should be no longer than one page.
  • Include in your cover letter the reason(s) why you more than anyone else are the right candidate for the position.
  • Pay close attention to grammatical errors.
  • Do not use a template cover letter; instead, each cover letter should be specific and customized for the position.
  • Keep your writing style professional; this is a formal letter to a prospective employer rather than an email to friends.
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